The Best Pellets For Your Pellet Grill or Smoker!

"Q" Pellets are 100% Pure Hardwood**

We offer 30 lb. bags of our high quality pellets in either 100% pure "single-wood" types or perfect blends, with absolutely no fillers or other shortcuts. See descriptions below. Buy a blend, or buy two or more 100% pure "single-wood" types and make your own blend just the way you want it, to "smoke" the competition.

**We do not sell artificially "flavored" pellets, which are sprayed with a "flavored" oil or scent, as those are inferior in quality, taste and burn. We sell only the "real thing" -- pure hardwood pellets containing the natural flavor of the real wood named on the bag. 

Pick up direct from "Q" Pellets in the Fort Myers/Naples area. 

Alternatively, you may pick up from our independent dealer in the Sarasota/Tampa-St Pete area (contact us for details); or order by mail order.

 Text or email us for details: 818-415-4840;

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100% Hardwood - 30 lb. bags for pick up
No fillers, oils, sprays, scents, binders or artificial ingredients!

Single wood varieties

100% Hickory Pellets
  Relatively strong, robust flavor; the classic wood for smoking or grilling meats, bacon and game. 100% Northern Hickory hardwood. 

100% Red Oak Pellets --  Yields heavy smoke, but mild flavor. Excellent all-around hardwood that imparts a smoked flavor to meats with no aftertaste. Burns hotter than most woods. Good blended with other stronger flavor woods, such as hickory. Great for "Santa Maria" style. 100% Pure Red Oak hardwood. 

100% Cherry Pellets --  Sweet, fruity smoke. Imparts a rosy-red color in meat. Good for beef, pork, poultry, fish or game. 100% Pure Cherry hardwood. 

100% Maple Pellets  --  Mellow, sweet, light smoke. Great for pork, ham, poultry, or cheese. 100% Pure Maple hardwood.

100% Pecan Pellets  --  Pecan is the legendary smoking wood of Deep South low-n-slow BBQ lore! Wonderful, pungent nutty smoke. For a limited time only, we have 100% Pecan, in addition to the Pecan Blend to the right. We have to pay more for the wood, so this one is a bit more expensive. 100% Pure Southern Pecan wood. 

Multi-wood Blends

Premium Blend Pellets  --  The perfect pellet blend for general purpose  smoking. Made with equal amounts of Hickory, Maple and Cherry. The Hickory gives your food that great smoky taste, the the Maple imparts a subtle sweetness, and the Cherry gives meat that beautiful rosy color.  100% Pure Hardwood.

Competition Blend Pellets  --  For our competition teams and others who love our Premium Blend, but want a Red Oak component in the blend instead of the maple component. It makes this blend lean towards beef instead of pork. Also great for lamb and game. Equal amounts of Hickory, Red Oak and Cherry. 100% Pure Hardwood.

Q's Blend Pellets  --  Our newest blend. A proprietary blend of sweet woods, for those times when you want mild, sweet smoke. Great for poultry, fish, chhese, bacon and ham. 100% Pure Hardwood.

Mesquite Blend Pellets  --  Strong flavored smoke. Spicy, distinctive flavor of Southwest cooking. Good for all meats and game. Can be a bit strong for fish. 100% Pure Hardwood; blended with Red Oak. 40% "flavor" wood (other brands use 20%).

Apple Blend Pellets  --  Relatively robust smoke, but slightly sweet and fruity. The strongest of the fruit woods. Great for pork, ham, bacon, poultry or fish. 100% Pure Hardwood; blended with Red Oak. 40% "flavor" wood (other brands use 20%).  

Pecan Blend Pellets  --  Pecan is the legendary smoking wood of Deep South low-n-slow BBQ lore! Wonderful, pungent nutty smoke. The Red Oak base gives it a hot burn and tempers the pungent aroma. 100% Pure Hardwood; blended with Red Oak. 40% "flavor" wood (other brands use 20%). 

 "Q" Pellets "Direct Pickup" Prices for Southern Florida:

30 lb. bags*:
1 bag: $29.95* 

Quantity Discounts:

2 bags:   $25.95 ea.* (save $8)
5 bags:   $23.95 ea.* (save $30)
10 bags: $20.95 ea.* (save $90) 

*plus FL sales tax
(*Apple Blend add $2/bag; 100% Pecan add $4/bag)
**Competition BBQ Teams, caterers, restaurants, contact us for special discount pricing
**Contact us for bulk pricing

Pay cash, check or credit card at pickup. 

 Questions? Comments? Text or email us, and we will respond to your inquiry shortly: 

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